Students Donate Gifts for Needy Children

This afternoon, students loaded ten large bags of gifts into freshmen Bible teacher David Kabanje’s car. These bags of gifts, bought with donations from students, are bound for ten children in the Madison Area who would not otherwise have gifts this Christmas.

Several months ago, Mr. Kabanje asked his class to brainstorm ways to serve others in the community. After weeks of praying and planning, the class came up with a plan to partner with The Road Home Dane County to deliver gifts to children on Christmas.

Students campaigned in the dorm to raise money and worked cleaning community homes to earn money to buy the gifts. The money came in and the gifts were bought. The toys were carefully packaged in festive Christmas gift bags.

Because of the generosity and caring hearts of students here at Wisconsin Academy, ten children can look forward to opening gifts chosen just for them on Christmas day.

This is one of the many ways Wisconsin Academy is training students to be “Fit to Serve.