WAY Team Leads Worship at Marshfield SDA Church

On Sabbath morning, students in the WAY (Wisconsin Academy Youth) team had the privilege of sharing a worship service with the members of the Marshfield and Bethel Seventh-day Adventist churches. Students led out in every aspect of the service. Laura (a junior), Josue (also a junior), and Ana (a senior) preached short sermonettes on thankfulness. Other students shared special music, called for offering, shared the children’s story, etc.

After the service, we enjoyed a delicious potlock with the the Marshfield and Bethel church members. The trip was especially fun because it snowed while we were there. One of our freshmen was excited because it was his first time seeing snow in real life!

WAY Teams exist to give students experience in sharing the love of Jesus in churches across Wisconsin. This is one way Wisconsin Academy is training students to be “Fit to Serve.

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