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First Concert at Northern District Meetings

The students in Choralaires and Bellissimi Cerchi (the handbell choir) were very excited about their first tour to Rice Lake to play for the annual Northern District Meetings. It isn’t often that tours begin this early in the year, but the students were up for the challenge. Both Bruce and Rosalie Rasmussen, directors of Choralaires and Bellissimi Cerchi respectively, were impressed, not only with the work the students put into their music, but also with the way they demonstrated responsibility and good behavior.

Everyone stayed quite busy. Friday night, students slept in classrooms and rose early to help lead youth Sabbath School. Josue and Laura recapped thier week of prayer messages. A group of students shared a skit that reinforced their message of developing a relationship with God. During the main church service the Choralaires and Bellissimi Cerchi shared a few numbers. After potluck, the music groups shared a full afternoon concert. WA’s new string ensemble joined in with a few numbers as well. On the way home from Rice Lake, the students stopped at a rest area to have supper and say farewell to the Sabbath with a special Hallowed Moments service.

The students did a wonderful job this weekend. Parents, you can be proud.  If this weekend is anything to go by, you can expect great things for the future! Watch for a list of scheduled tours in coming emails.


Seniors Bond While Hunting Waterfalls

On the weekend of September 8-10, the senior class of 2018 camped at Morgan Park and visited waterfalls in Marinette County during Wisconsin Academy’s traditional Senior Experience campout. Camping together provides a time for group bonding and electing officers to help them navigate the challenges of thier final year at WA.  The sponsors arranged several group challenges over the weekend. One included setting up a tent while blindfolded! It took over an hour! On Sabbath, the seniors traveled to several waterfalls where they relaxed and enjoyed the natural beauty. The seniors returned Sunday afternoon, tired, but excited and better prepared for thier roles as leaders on campus.

WAY Team Visits Monroe SDA Church

On Sabbath morning, students in the WAY (Wisconsin Academy Youth) team had the privilege of sharing a worship service with the members of the Monroe Seventh-day Adventist Church. Students led out in nearly every aspect of the service. J.P., a freshman, and Perla, a Junior, shared short sermonettes focusing on the power of God to transform our lives. We enjoyed a delicious potlock with the Monroe church family and spent  some time at the Hamman’s home before heading north once again. With the WAY-team, we are privileged to be able to worship with Adventists across the state. Thank you, again, Monroe!

Students Deliver Food to Elderly

Last Friday afternoon, around 20 students under the leadership of outreach coordinator David Kabanje delivered meals to elderly people in the Madison area.

This outreach was in cooperation with Meals on Wheels, a service that provides nutritious midday meals and a safety checkeup for residents of Madison, Middleton, Monona, and Sun Prairie.

Wisconsin Academy is committed to training students for service. This is based on the belief that true education “prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.” (Ed 13)

View more pictures of the project on Facebook.

Sabbath at Point Beach

Last Sabbath we enjoyed a beautiful Sabbath at Point Beach State Forest near Two Rivers. Josue and Laura concluded their week of prayer series with a two part sermon on following Jesus. After a picnic, we hiked down the narrow Lake Michigan beach. The day ended with supper and Hallowed Moments on a grassy hillside as the sun sank low. It was a Sabbath not to be missed. Thank-you, Jesus!

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Students Present First Week of Prayer

The Holy Spirit has been moving in a special way through two of our students as they have shared the Word of God during our first Week of Prayer. Each morning, Laura, a junior, has been speaking about building and maintaining healthy relationships with one another. In the evenings, Josué, also a junior, has preached about building and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship with Jesus.

Many of the students and staff have expressed how much they have appreaciated the presentations. One group of guys in the men’s dorm have been meeting every morning to pray for one another and to encourage one another in their devotional life. On Friday evening, over forty students responded to Josué’s appeal to commit to spending time with Jesus every morning.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Wisconsin Academy as we continue to pursue our mission: “Developing leaders today who will walk with Jesus into Eternity.”

Praying for 9-11 Victims’ Families

Early Monday morning, before breakfast, the entire student body gathered in a great circle around the flagpole to remember those lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks. After a moment of silence and a time of prayer for the families who lost loved ones, students raised a large United States flag to half-mast.


Students Enjoy Beach and Dunes at Kohler-Andrae State Park

This last Sabbath afternoon we enjoyed the beach and dunes of Kohler-Andrae State Park near Sheboygan.

It was a beautiful day – warm enough to enjoy chasing waves on the narrow Lake Michigan beach. After a hike down the beach and back over the dunes, we had a picnic supper and Hallowed Moments led by Pastor Fetrick. We won’t soon forget his story about catching crocodiles in Africa.

We are very thankful for beautiful places in Wisconsin like this where we can enjoy God’s creation and be reminded of His incredible power.

View more pictures of our outing on Facebook.

Students Attend Bible Studies on Wednesday Nights

In many churches, Wednesday night prayer meetings are not well attended. If students carry on the habits they’re learning at WA, expect that to change!

A group of students have been meeting each Wednesday night for nearly two years now to study the Bible and pray together. This last week, 24 students gathered in the principal’s office to pray and study. Studies usually last about 30 minutes. This year, we’ve been finding Bible answers to student questions on marriage and relationships. It’s been wonderful to watch God work!

God is active and alive at Wisconsin Academy. Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will breathe His life into our humble efforts. Pray especially that He will work miracles in the lives of these students who are reaching out to Jesus.

“You’ve Got a Robe, I’ve Got a Robe …”

If you heard the WA choir at church recently, you probably noticed two things. First, they sound amazing. Second, they’re wearing beautiful green choir robes. Yes. Robes. It’s been many years since the WA choir wore robes. So, what’s the story behind the robes? Where did they come from? Here’s the short version.

When music director Bruce Rasmussen returned to WA to lead the music department this year, he was disappointed to see that the choir robes which had served WA for so long were gone. “The look of the choir has a lot do do with how the choir sounds,” he said. “When they wear robes, they look like a choir and feel like a choir. It creates a unified identity.”

So Bruce and his wife, Rosalie, began searching for 60 choir robes. Days before the choir’s first performance, thier daughter, Kristy, found 60 choir robes on Craigslist. A Lutheran church in Waupaca were getting new robes and were selling their used robes for a very reasonable price.

By Thursday evening, the robes were at WA and on Sabbath morning, the WA choir sang together in robes for the first time in many years. “I feel like I’m in a professional choir now,” said one student.

We look forward to getting a second set of robes in the official WA blue color. Funds have been donated toward this goal already. If you are interested in donating toward this or any other music department development, contact principal Roger Dunder at