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Journey To Bethlehem

Last weekend Wisconsin Academy and local Adventist churches put on Journey to Bethlehem. Despite such low temperatures, J2B was a success, boasting 417 non participants who went through the six scenes telling the story around and of the birth of Jesus. Many students volunteered to participate. “It was long and was hard work, but it was fun”, said sophomore Jadis Courtney.
Temperatures dropped to the mid to low teens. According to one market place vendor, freshmen Elisa Vitelle, “It was super cold and my hands froze.” Luckily there were fires raging and space heaters prepared for the actors. Written by a WA staff member, Greg Edge, the script was well structured and included major and minor parts. Each scene was elaborately made. “I liked the way Herod’s palace was set up and how they had him be sick”, said sophomore Fransisco Campos.
The Christmas pageant made its debut in 1998. Unfortunately, several years later, they stopped having the annual pageant. Two years ago the current WA staff decided to start it up again and this year’s was the third since then.
Many people were a part of this event, acting and behind the scenes. There are about 200 people on the thank you list, including other Adventist schools, such as Union College, and non- Adventist organizations, such as Rhode’s Bake-n-Serve.

~Kari Nelson ’15


Student Leaders on Fire

“What is the leading state in cattle raising?” Mr. Nelson suddenly shouted out. Different answers come from all of the student passengers who are awake enough to answer. “Wisconsin!” someone shouts. “California!” “Idaho!” The ruckus began to awaken the 14 groggy student leaders as the shuttle continued their 10-hour trip to the yearly Lake Union Leadership Conference held September 26-29. When the 449 mile trip had at last reached its end, the travelers were worn out, but happy to arrive at Camp Au Sable.
Leadership retreat is a time for involved students from Adventist Academies in the Lake Union to convene and gain new ideas, meet other students who are involved in the same organizations, and reconnect with God.
The week of prayer meetings began on Thursday evening and continued through Sunday. Pastor William Lee was the speaker. “He was very energetic and on fire for God. It was contagious” said Madeline Miranda, Campus Ministries outreach director, “and his clapping was awesome” she adds with a smile. Pastor Taylor and his wife led out in a dynamic song service at the first couple of meetings, but by the end of the weekend several students joined them. “It was joyful and friendly,” remembers Beth Strangstalien, girl’s dorm pastor. “I’ll remember Pastor Lee,” said Javier Salgado, S.A. executive vice president.
On Friday, the students got a chance to go into breakout sessions with other leaders from different schools. There were groups for newspaper editors, Campus Ministries staff, and Student Association leaders. The meetings were instructive and gave students a fresh perspective and new ideas. “I learned that it is very important to listen to everybody’s opinions and ideas because they are beneficial to the school,” said Michaela Wilson, senior class co-president as she reflected on the meetings.
Leadership conference also provided an opportunity for WA’s leaders to come together and discuss plans and ideas for the school year. Every night after the prayer meeting, each school held an afterglow to give everyone a chance to share what they learned that day.
The weekend was jam-packed with programs. All too soon it was time to board the bus for the return trip. The group was on the move again as everyone settled into their seats to try and catch some sleep. Attending Leadership Conference may have come at the high price of a 10-hour bus trip, but like yearbook section editor Emily Laurence said, “It was worth it”

~Suny Gomez ’15