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CLASS OF 2014!

Senior Experience

In August on a Friday afternoon the senior class of 2014 got on the coach bus and headed to Michaela Wilson’s house to kick-off our senior experience. We eagerly anticipated spending time together as a class after a tiring but fun week at Camp Wakonda. When we arrived, we were greeted by friends and family of the Wilson’s by an outdoor cookout. The grill was on, the smell of food was in the air, and everyone relaxed as they enjoyed the good food. Then we had a volleyball game to start off our weekend, which was fun.
Once we got settled in our designated sleeping arrangements, Mr. Nelson had a devotional about the eight personalities of God’s kingdom, also known as the Beatitudes. We did activities that helped us to take a deeper look at what we liked and what we see in each other’s God given character. As the weekend progressed, we opened up the Sabbath day with a short morning worship led out by our senior class officers; it was truly a genuine spiritual moment. We got to spend Sabbath in God’s nature at The Dells of Eau Claire. We got to know each other a little more by doing team building activities and sharing things that no one in our class knew about each other. We enjoyed the Sabbath by climbing the rapids and hiking down the river.
Sunday around 7:30 am, the Wisconsin Academy class of 2014 was on the coach bus on their way to Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells. We grabbed our swimming gear, got our admission wristbands, and headed into the park. As each hour past the day got hotter, and we enjoyed our day at the park together as a class. Our senior weekend was definitely one to remember.

~Kamille Thompson ’14

Class Scramblw

Class Scramble

“Go Seniors!” was being chanted in various ways on as people walked into the gym on August 24th. It was Class Scramble. Since it was the first Saturday Night Activity of the school year, excitement was high. Returning students were egger to try to win one more time, and new students were curious to find out what it was.
“It was fun getting to know my classmates and their talents,” Eric Carlson ’15 said. Class Scramble was a fun bonding experience for classes. Various team building games were played. A few of the games included pinto bean race, blindfold piggy-back race, and circle chair. The goal was to win the game so the class could get points. “I liked the blindfold piggy-back race because it was funny to watch people,” Olivia Sloan ’17 said.
After many different challenging games the final scores were tallied up. Usually the seniors win. In a turn of events, the sophomores won! “It felt awesome to finally win as an underclassman,” Francisco Campos ’16 said. After the night’s events were over, everyone went back to their dorm rooms, or homes knowing their classmates just a little bit better.

~Kyrie King ’15