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Watertown Project - Sept 15, 2012

Wisconsin Academy Students Witness in Watertown

The Watertown Church has been lacking members. The pastor does everything – the Sabbath school lesson, the children’s story, the sermon, and even more than that. Barely anyone would volunteer to help during the church service. Yes, things looked pretty bleak for this house of worship.

But there was no need to fear. Wisconsin Academy came to the rescue! When the plan was brought up to help the church, thirty students volunteered. Some lead in the church service, others just attended if they wish to.

However, it didn’t seem as if many of the students going planned on “just attending.” The students did almost everything: the Sabbath school lesson, the children’s story, even the sermon! It was truly a wonderful thing to see teens leading out for the service.

There were almost no roles left out. Leading the Sabbath school lesson were Tiffany Baun and Kyrie King. Andrea Fernandez said opening prayer and Lisalet Messer did the call to worship. The children’s story was shared by Matthew Schneider. Daisy Alvarez (Freshman) and Sarai Fernandez spoke for the offering, which went towards the Girls’ Dorm’s rooms and extra buses. Special Music was sung by Saraiza Perez and Roxanna Lazo. The sermon, spoken by Leonardo Castillo, was about Jesus’ amazing love for us. It was great that every person had something to do, and they did it gladly.

After church, the students gathered in a nearby park and ate lunch. After eating, they headed back to their rides and left for Wisconsin Academy blessed by their experience of sharing Christ’s love with others. Overall, I think they had a good time and an enjoyable experience, and I bet the Watertown Church’s members did, too.

~ Lisalet Messer, Class of 2016