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A Student’s Prayer

Around one year ago, I was attending a public school. I dreaded getting up each day and going to a school that I absolutely hated, because of all the drama, and bad schooling program. I had recently become an Adventist and had heard about Wisconsin Academy through my church. I never really knew much about W.A. because I didn’t know anyone from my church that had gone there; everyone just went to public school for high school. As my school year dragged on I started seeing more things about WA, and then one day I told myself, “Okay let’s look this up on the Internet.” As soon as I saw the website and saw how nice it would be to attend W.A. I started begging my parents to let me go. My parents initial reaction was “Are you crazy? We’re not going to send you one hundred miles away to a boarding school!” I asked my parents for months and months and kept praying that God would let my parents see how good it would be for me to go to W.A.

A few months later I found out that a girl from my church, whose family just happened to be my parent’s best friends, was going to be going to Wisconsin Academy. After that my parents decided to look into it and decided that they would take me down to visit, just so they could see what it was like. As soon as my mom and I got there we fell in love with the place and realized we just had to convince my dad, which everyone knew was not going to be an easy task. My mom and I had decided to pray that God would help my dad see how much I needed to go to W.A.

The summer had started and I knew it was only a few more months until my chance to go to W.A. was over. My dad told my mother that they would tell me before my birthday, which was July 27th, if I was going or not. When I heard this I knew I had to be patient or I definitely wouldn’t be going. Then one day when I was in the car with my mom she said, “Don’t tell your Dad I told you, but you’re going to the Academy!” After that everything seemed to fall into place. My parents were sad that I would be leaving but knew it was going to be a good thing for me.

Now that I’m almost done with my first year at Wisconsin Academy, I can say with all my heart that I was meant to come here. This school has changed me in the most positive ways, and I have learned to depend on God to get me through everything, even when I’m in doubt.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

~ Marissa Johnson, Class of 2015


High School Reminiscence

She peered down at the crowd, calmly taking it all in. The tri-colored tassel brushed against her face as she looked back at her talented classmate playing a piano song he composed himself. As the music floated through the air, she looked back on the past four years.

Coming to high school had been a new challenge that she was prepared to meet and conquer. Being a shy, inexperienced but smart girl, she started out responsible with her regular homework, and gradually expanded her horizons. Writing for the school paper increased her writing abilities, and she realized the paths in the world she might take were limitless. She could be a writer, editor, or teacher; the possibilities were endless.

Being involved in extracurriculars slowly brought her out of her timid shell. Friendships began to build, new experiences were uncovered, and memories made. She became a captain on the gymnastics team, editor of the school paper, and member of the National Honor Society.

By the end of her four years at the academy, she was well-rounded. She had grown to love her classmates and the experiences and memories they shared. Unavoidable emotional, physical, and mental trials made her a better person and prepared her for the next step in life.

After much thought, she narrowed her career options down to nursing. Her science class showed her exciting and fantastic things about how the human body works, and she decided never to think about teaching again. Because of her experiences in high school, her life was open to new possibilities.

The last chord of music settled in everyone’s ears. She shook herself out of her reminiscence and returned her attention to the stage. When her name was called, she got up to accept her diploma, the black gown pooling around her. Next would come a bend in the road that she couldn’t see around, but she knew great things lay ahead.

~ Jessica Buchholz, Class of 2012


Black and White

Colors have a lot of different meanings. Yellow can mean happiness. Blue can mean peace. Red can mean blood or anger. You can be green with envy. Each color has a different meaning to everyone. For example, when someone saw green, you could think of happiness instead of envy because that was your mother’s favorite color. To me, black and white are some of the more powerful colors.

Black and white symbolizes the epic war between good and evil. You see this symbol everywhere in books, movies, and songs. When people say that it’s “black and white” they usually mean that there is only two choices, one good, the other evil.

Gray is another color people associate with black and white because when you mix the two colors, you get gray. Using that concept, people say that there is a lot of gray in the world, which means that there are a lot of things that are both good and evil. While colors mix together, good and evil are like water and oil, they will never mix. If we see gray, it’s because we’re confused and don’t see the whole picture. “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and man.” Matthew 6:24. In Joshua 24:15 it says to choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve. What is your color?

~ Naomi Ferrel, Class of 2013